KemptKoala Ultimate Car Backseat Organizer

– WHILE OTHER CAR ORGANIZERS are too weak or small, a flimsy fit or have too short straps, our back seat organizer has reinforced seams, strong fabric, long straps and a reinforced anti-sag tablet pocket. And what good is an organizer if it gets filled with trash? Exactly, that’s why we have included a BONUS gift: a reusable car trash bag that you can empty in 10 seconds

– “IT FITS!” – ULTIMATE CAR STORAGE & STROLLER ORGANIZER: “Just the Right Size” 27 x 17 inch back seat car organizer & seat back protector boast 47” long adjustable straps to fit eco cars to the largest SUVS – then DOUBLES UP as a hanging stroller organizer with EASY RELEASE velcro scraps making this the BEST VALUE car back seat organizer for families who go, go go!

– HEAVIEST DUTY, WATERPROOF CAR ORGANIZERS – WIPES CLEAN: Tablet Pocket for iPad Kindle iMac REINFORCED with highly durable Plastic Anti-Sag Plate and double stitching to prevent sagging while LIFETIME DURABLE straps, SHATTER PROOF buckles and ULTRA TOUGH FABRIC are designed to withstand a torrent of yanking hands

– IIHS RECOMMENDS ORGANIZERS – THE SAFEST TOY ORGANIZERS FOR KIDS: Because Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) cites PARENTS PASSING THINGS to your child as a TOP crash concern we designed this baby and kids toy organizers for STORAGE and SAFETY. Everything is WITHIN CHILD’s REACH – with stretchy, extra deep mesh pockets that prevent stored objects from flying during accidents and BOTTOM STRAPS to PREVENT SWINGING AROUND

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