240 pcs- St. Patrick's Day Lapel Pins w/display card- $.40 pcs

"St. Patrick's Day Tac Pins "

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these colorful green and gold tone enameled lapel pins. Two dozen assorted of six styles.

Pins are approx. 1". Mounted on an easel backed display.
You receive 10 displays with 24 pins per display. Your cost $ .40 pcs and display is FREE!

Total Pieces Buyer Will Receive: 240 pcs
Condition: New
Shipping Classification: Package(s)
State/Region:  Rhode Island
Ships Within: 3 Days
Shipping Service:
USPS First Class
USPS Priority
Fedex Ground
UPS Ground
DHL International
Freight (LTL/Truckload)
Return/Exchange/Cancellation Policy: Must return within 3 days of receipt of goods. Buyer pays for return shipping and insurance
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