Smart Interactive Cat Toy

3IN1 Rotating Automatic Pets Toy;

1 - Accessory Replaceable - textile Feathers;

FREE GIFT - Cat Toy Fish.

Light Pointer for cat combines cat toy with automated cat chaser toy, three different toys in one for cats to play. Help correct cats’ bad habits, like bad chewing habits, scratching sofa & floor, etc.

The lovely shape will attract more attention to cats, Ball-Shaped, Light Pointer Automatic, Sound and you can get 3in1 functions in our Pet spinning ball toy.

Our Light Cat Spinning ball Toy is made of Non-toxic, ABS material, it is safe for both owner and kitten.

Fun for pets, Automatic Rotating Ball Tumbler, cat toy exercise machine features of 360 degrees. Interactive play makes this fun game toy great for keeping your pet healthy and encouraging fun exercise.

This makes a much appreciated the gift for friends, family, and co-workers who own cats. Fun game pets toy easy to see on the floor every in the time and won’t bring any potential harm to you and your kitten.


  1. Unscrew the ball with the Bolt driver tool, insert 2 AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED);

  2. Press the on/off switch on the middle of the ball to turn it on, the tumbler will start spinning in a few seconds;

  3. The Tumbler will spin and rotate in a random pattern, the light will automatically on and off to attract kitty’s attention.

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