Quality Mystery Box

We created QUALITY MYSTERY BOX to provide an improved way to source new, excesses, and return goods. Inventories come directly from large corporations and fulfillment centers, Amazon and Wish.com. We guarantee you’ll receive what you purchased. Pay easily with a credit card or Paypal and the item will arrive at your door. Repeat the process to make money and do it consistently.

We have experienced what you have gone through and know what you will need to be successful. You are our partner and not a transaction. We’re motivated by your persistence and desire to succeed. Let’s consistently move you forward.

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Very bad experience. I was supposed to receive 25-40 pieces of clothing worth "$820". I wasn't expecting it to be worth that much but I did expect to get the 25-40 pieces of clothing. I ended up receiving 6 pieces of clothing (5 of which were completely identical), a blonde wig, a pair of boots, a big colorful lightbulb, and some type of kitchen nozzle. That was it, that was the box! Long story short, I contacted this company. They agreed to send me a return label. I didn't receive the label so I emailed them back twice with no reply. Overall I'm an easy person to please. I try to treat people right and give them a chance to make things right when they do wrong. But they don't want to do that, so I do not recommend them at all!!

All is good! I loved the mystery of opening the box and finding products that I can use or use as presents. I enjoyed this mystery box!

Joanne S about listing Unclaimed Mail Mystery Box 20 days ago.

I ordered from quality mystery box and H supply. Both boxes arrived on the same day to me, in the same packaging from the same location. I’m wondering if both these places are actually WiBargain ?