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Lucki Deals provides wholesale, liquidated, closeout, and discounted clothing, apparel, and accessories worldwide. Our Department Store Brands are licensed with USA Department Stores. All of our listings are with a No Return, No Refund Policy since we are closing out new merchandise for the lowest prices. Each listing is unique and will take in consideration return but only with Buyer paying return shipping charges.

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Nothing on the picture was in the box and the clothing items were very unfashionable. Great jewelry pieces though.


Purchased these items to sell in my newly opened retail store, i was told these items would be great quality and nice name brand clothing,(Not one of these brands I have ever heard of) I purchased these items from Canada and had to pay extra shipping plus boarder fees (500.00 CAN total) and maybe 15 items out of the entire box are sellable wearable goods . I WOULD NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS SELLER as they made the clothing sound as if they where quality brand name goods, i received 6 skirts all the exact same that look like they where cut from a 1960s curtain , and material to match. unsellable! seller also stated they where very very nice clothing, and only solution to fix the problem is if i send them back on my dime, which will be more then what i paid for these "amazing" items.....buyer beware!

Niki L sobre el anuncio New Closeout Branded Women's Clothing 50 pc hace 2 meses.


Lawrence T sobre el anuncio 8 NEW MIXED STYLES HANDBAGS hace 3 meses.