A decade ago, we started reselling inventory out of a small garage.
We faced firsthand the broken liquidation industry: order one item and receive another. Difficulty payment and shipping methods. The entire process was a mess.

We created H-SUPPLY to provide an improved way to source new, excesses, and return goods. Inventories come directly from large corporations and fulfillment centers. We guarantee you’ll receive what you purchased. Pay easily with a credit card and the item will arrive at your door. Repeat the process to make money and do it consistently.

We have experienced what you have gone through and know what you will need to be successful. You are our partner and not a transaction. We’re motivated by your persistence and desire to succeed. Let’s consistently move you forward.

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Thanks, I'm going to order one more

Bruce W about listing January Mystery Box 1 day ago.

last month i got the December mystery box & enjoyed it so i decided to get the January box. This box was smaller than the first one so i was worried initial but after opening it I was not disappointed. It was better than the first! I did get some duplicate items which i can only assume are "filler" items for instance koozies...aside from that & a few other repedative items i really liked this box. I will definitely be getting another.

Desiree P about listing January Mystery Box 2 days ago.

Loved everything in the box! This was so much fun and definitely profitable! Got my monies worth and then some! Will definitely buy again in the future.

Nelida M about listing January Mystery Box 3 days ago.