LA Designers Wholesale

With a base of operations in the heart of the Fashion District – Downtown, Los Angeles – LA Designers Wholesale is your ultimate resource for finding great deals on fashion.

We specialize in buying and selling assorted fashion in large quantities. On average, we buy and sell over 100,000 items per month.

Our goal is to move products in volume, and to give the best deals to our buyers so that they can be in a position to profit, as well.

Our partnerships with our current vendors allow us to offer you deals as low as $0.50 per item. And our relationships with the most cost efficient postal channels in our industry, allows us to get you extremely cheap or even free shipping that is guaranteed to get there on time.

We do not offer anything that we don’t have in stock. We’re not “runners”. Everything we offer to you is physically present in one of our warehouses.

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