Smooth Trek Kid’s Travel Tray – Children’s Lap Activity Table

Smooth Trek’s Kid’s Travel Lap Tray keeps toddlers and big kids alike happy on the go: The sturdy, high quality tray is the answer to parents’ travel woes and provides an easy way for children to stay busy and content in their seat
Comfort is Key on Long Rides: The completely detachable waist strap can be used to secure the tray for younger kids, or removed from both sides if not needed for older ones; With or without the strap, the contoured tray top ensures the tray sits snugly against the child’s body without the need for additional side walls that may get in the way; No more items disappearing in the car seat
Frustration-Free Snacks and Playtime on the Go: The mesh cupholder on top of the tray keeps drinks close at hand, yet out of the way and secure; Snacks and other small items such as toys and crayons can be held in the interior sections; When more work space is needed, these sections can be removed for more play space; Easy to reach side pockets keep the back seat organized
Solid and Durable Construction: Made to withstand kids’ daily use, tray surface is not flimsy and provides a sturdy eating and play table; side walls and mesh side pockets are strong and keep everything securely in place; reinforced seams insure the lap tray will be a favorite for years to come

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