Full Metal Slat Wall Grid 8' tall * 2' W * 2" depth

Total 40 pieces of shelf. Picks up Only in Oviedo FL 32765

A few supports shelf panels for free.

Those heavy duty full metal Slat Wall Grid 8' tall * 2' W * 2" depth with adjustable bottom feet.

Two Pcs of them together are the same size as those you bought from homedepot but the cost of those metal in new is 4 times than those 40 dollars combinations woods from homedepot.

Color: White

Those can help you setup retail store completely within half day. Only need screwdriver

Shelf come with several holes on the bottom and top, so you can screw into the wall and finish very quickly.

Bring your own U-haul/Truck. Need 1 or 2 Strong Guy to load to the truck, each weight around 30 lbs

QUANTITY (Items In Lot): 40
Condition: Shelfpulls
Shipping Classification: Package(s)
Lots Available: 1 Lot Available (Unique Lot)
Ships From (State/Region):  Florida
Ships Within: 2 Days
Return/Exchange/Cancellation Policy: No Return