8 complete Swim suits this is priced as wholesale lot brand new

You may help to customize this I will do so you the best of my ability to accommodate you on sizes. Most of my sizes are plus size but I have between sizes 1-xxxL I have two piece bikini, tankini ,skort sets, short sets, 1 pieces, swim dresses and your traditional any styles. I have modest to girl get out my way I got this suits. I am actually a licensed stylist with a degree in fashion so if you wanted to shoot me a body shot I will fit you and style you the best I can with out my tape chasing you around. We can mix and match till we have the perfect setup for you or we can just throw it together. These have never been worn or tried on baring shipping my hands are the only ones Been on them. I pride myself in taking care of my product and my customers with utmost concern and respect. So with the 8 complete set that means you can mix and match 1 top 1 bottom equals complete set. I do have short sets that have bikini top and vest that goes with so that is a 3 piece set which equals one set. We can even mix the sizes if your trying to fit your family or just need an assortment of sizes. All of the suits you see I myself would wear if they would fit me! I ain’t to shy even tho I’m a big girl so put that shy girl in the yard and let’s get your sassy on! FYI my speciality happens to be plus size sassys so I have way more plus sizes then I do the other sizes but I have all sizes. Do not be afraid to ask me questions on how I may accommodate you needs. All suits have their original liners in them through shipping they may shift but I assure you that no one s tush has even gotten near your suit! Yeah I don’t play like that even in my shop I prefer you to try suits on over your unders or I don’t mind missing a sale I’m not wearing a suit that someone has had on or near their puuhlease. We keeps it clean for me we keeps it clean for you!

QUANTITY (Items In Lot): 8 complete sets you help customize
Condition: New
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