200 Face Mask Ear Saver Protector Strap Extender Hook Silicone

FACE MASK STRAP EXTENDER RELIEVES PRESSURE ON EARS: No more pain & irritation behind ears when using these mask clips. Hence the names: "Ear Protectors for masks", "face mask holders to protect ears".

LONGER FACE MASK HOLDER FOR EARS (7.56"): offers more comfortable fit (compared to other 5-6" mask straps and mask bands). The perfect face mask head strap / face mask band extender.

THICK AND DURABLE face mask tightener: 9 gm, compared to other flimsy, cheap, 5 gm face mask hooks.

Made from a strong yet lightweight silicone, you can wear this all day long and completely forget about it.

MASK EXTENDER SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS FACE MASKS. Mask holder clip is easy to clean. Soap can be used to clean the mask strap holder. Suitable for adults and kids.

STYLISH DESIGN MASK HOOK: Each lot contains 200 piece with 4 color options: Pink, Blue, Black & Mix: Pink/Black/Blue. 1 lot consists of 33 packs (6 pieces /pack).
(200 pieces total).

Default order will be mixed colors, otherwise please send me a message with the color you like to order.

Fits ADULTS & CHILDREN: 3 levels to fit all sizes, You can trim and cut the extra length with scissors.

QUANTITY (Items In Lot): 200 pieces
Condition: New
Shipping Classification: Package(s)
Lots Available: Multiple lots Available
Resale Condition:
Individually Packaged/Retail Ready
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Ships From (State/Region):  Florida
Ships Within: 1 Day
Shipping Service:
USPS First Class
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Freight (LTL/Truckload)
Return/Exchange/Cancellation Policy: No return/no exchange/no cancelation
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