1 Pc Lot Of 2 In 1 Tyrannosaurus & Crocodile Dinosaur Building

Brand Name: Doublee
Quantity :450Pcs
Tyrannosaurus size: 28.612.817.9cm
Crocodile size: 3817.47.3cm
Induction motor information: JV5013/1.5V AAA battery *2 (Battery not included)
Intelligent induction trigger mode: sound and light sense trigger motor rotation
Maximum speed: 0.14KM/H Linearity: 2M offset 1M

1. Cute and cute appearance, building blocks + intelligent induction + electric
2. Two kinds of variable shape (Tyrannosaurus + crocodile), creatively put together to exercise the child's thinking ability;
3. Intelligent sound and light induction motor, intelligent induction trigger action,
4. Electric function display: the wheel drives the crocodile forward and backward. During the crocodile running, the joint mouth opens/four limbs swing/tail sway, and the crocodile features play. The tyrannosaurus's feet move the body forward and backward, and the tyrannosaurus linking the head/mouth/tail/double manually during the running process to simulate the tyrannosaurus characteristics. There are multiple moving parts in the head and body to play

Package included:
1X Block (450pc

Condition: New
Quantity of Units In This Lot: 1
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