Lot of 75 video games for Playstation 4, XBOX ONE, and Wii U

This lot will consist of 75 games for the Playstation 4, XBOX One game systems. They are disk only games.

These games are being sold as -is . They have not been resurfaced or tested. The working percentage is unknown and it will be vary by lot because they are being selected randomly. I will take out any games with cracks going into the data layer, however it is possible for a few to slip by.

Most of these games will require to be wiped down and some will need to be resurfaced. This will vary by lot as well.

I will limit duplicated to no more than 5 of any title by format. The mix should be 40-60% PS4 and the rest XBOX ONE games.

The games you receive may or may not match the games in the pictures. The condition of the games will be very similar, however the game titles will vary from lot to lot.

Condition: Used
Total Pieces Buyer Will Receive: 75
Supplier Location: US Supplier
Shipping Service:
USPS Priority
Return Policy: none
Tags (search terms): Games, video, xbox, playstation