Water Balloons - Bunch of Balloons - Self Tying

$400.00 / OBO for 200 bags of water balloons - We have more than 1 lot if you want to negotiate on multiple lots.

Hottest thing in toys for kids right now. Instant fill over 100 water balloons within seconds, that are self tying!

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Water Balloons Description

Filling water balloons for a war used to be a chore - Now can fill them all up at once, in minutes. Fill over 100 water balloons in minutes with these wonderful self-tying water balloons! Instant water balloons are the hottest thing in toys right now! Fill a container big enough to hold your balloons partially with water, then gently shake the balloons over the container. The will fall into the container ready for war! Simply connect, fill and make hundreds of water balloons and let the balloon warfare begin!


1. 111 Balloons per package

2.Saving time: Less than 1 minute to fill over 100 water balloons

3. Multi-Colors: Red White and Blue colors in every pack, 37 water balloons per bunch.

4. Contains small parts, so be sure to watch children for choking hazards.


Package size: 9.4 x 3.1 x 1.2 inches

Package weight: 0.2 lbs (per pack)

Pieces : 3 bundles of water balloons (over 100 balloons)


Fill a cooler with a few inches of water and then fill them up over it. The balloons automatically fall off when ready and this prevents them from busting! Use them during the first hour or so after filling as they can lose water over extended periods of time.

Buyer arranges and pays for own shipping so they can get the lowest cost.

Total Pieces Buyer Will Receive: 200 bags of 3 bunches per lot (300 bunches of 37 Balloons)
Condition: New
Supplier Location: US Supplier
Shipping Service:
USPS Priority
Return Policy: No Returns