100 Journal Book - Made in the USA. Perfect for Resale.

Through a series of fun and thought-provoking prompts and questions the journaler will examine the qualities that make her truly unique and special. She will find her super power!

The 36 page journal includes illustrations of girls with different skin tones, hair colors, hair styles and ethnicities!

6" x 9"


coloring page 

short answers 

full page journaling 


short story 

and more!

Recommended age group:  8-12

Packs come in 75 girl and 25 boy journals and can mix and match on special requests.

$12 Retail Price ISBN 978069291064 (girl) and

ISBN 9780692954591 (boy)

Total Pieces Buyer Will Receive: 100
Condition: New
Supplier Location: US Supplier
Return Policy: TBD