25X Grey Baby Sling - Baby Carrier, Nursing Cover, Sling

25 X Grey

Easy to Use and Clean – A baby carrier so simple to be utilized, washed and cleaned.

Bonding Tool & Nursing Cover– Works as a bonding tool which holds the kiddo up close to his mom’s chest and keeps him completely attached. Plus, it provides a breast feeding cover.

Soft and Hygienic Baby Sling – Made of medical grade soft and hygienic material composing 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

Multiple Use & Colours – Can be used in a variety of ways i.e. as baby carriers, slings or baby carrier wraps. In each way, it goes very easy on spine and other parts of the body and could carry between 8 to 35lbs baby. Comes in two colours Black and Grey.

Go Baby Grow Baby Sling is a unique and versatile baby carrier. It is a multi-purpose sling which could be used the way you like it. Either as a nursing cover or breastfeeding cover or as a baby carrier or baby wrap. Based on our products quality, we claim that our baby sling is best among the others. That is why it’s ranked higher than many baby carriers, slings or baby carriers wrap in the market.

Go Baby Grow Baby Sling lifts the baby right next to his mother’s heart so that both mother and child could feel each other’s inner core. It attaches the new born like a plant to its roots. Our infant carrier surpasses the normal baby slings and wraps from many aspects, like quality, reliability, affordability and efficiency.

This ergonomics baby carrier could comfortably carry a baby between 8 to 35lbs and soothe the routine fatigue of kid handling. It comes in two most favourable colours Black and Grey. As it goes very easy on your body, so you can perform your routine activities while carrying your baby. Go Baby Grow Baby Sling allows both mom and her little’un to move around with great comfort, while at the same time it strengthens the mutual bonding. In short this fabulous baby sling offers too much to its users.

Total Pieces Buyer Will Receive: 25
Condition: New
Multiple Lots Available: Only 1 Lot Available.
Supplier Location: US Supplier
Shipping Service:
USPS Priority
Return Policy: 3 Day inspection/Return period / Buyer Pays shipping

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