300pcs Color Luminous Neon Glow Dark Varnish Nail Polish Manicure

This listing is for Glows bright color Nail Polish for ladies. this listing colors available
01, 03, 05, 08, 12. please make sure before purchasing only 6 color available please make sure the code before purchasing. There are some bottles nail polish is thick you have to add thinner to make a thin. we are selling in very low price

pelase NOTE: if any color not available at the time of purchase we will send another color

Fluorescent nail polish for lady

Glows bright color in low light/ dark environment such as night club
Can be applied to natural or false nails
Suitable for professional use or home use
Ideal for attending party or to match seriously hot outfits
Long-lasting and quick-drying
Capacity: 6ml

Tips: It would be best if this fluorescent nail polish is coated 2~3 layers. In addition, this fluorescent nail polish illuminates from absorbing the light or sun light, the more lights absorbed, the more your nail bright. We suggested that exposured on the strong light.

How to use:
1. Remove nail polish from your fingernails if you already have it
2. Apply a single layer of clear base coat to the nails you want to decorate, which will be important especially if you are creating detailed nail art
3. Allow time for the layer of background color to dry before you apply luminous nail polish
4. Apply the fluorescent nail polish, and make it dry
5. Fluorescent nail polish illuminates from absorbing the light or sun light, so you'd better show your nails in the sun, the luminous effect will be more obvious in the dark
6. You can use different colors of fluorescent nail polish to achieve added nail decoration effects

Packing Included with Color Code:

20 bottles 01 x Nail Polish
40 bottles 03x Nail Polish
60 bottles 05 x Nail Polish
100 bottles 08 x Nail Polish
80 bottles 12 x Nail Polish

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