96 Packages - Press-On Nails (24-Pack) – Assorted Colors

Press-On Nails comes in 8 assorted colors as pictured. Each pack includes 24 polished nails and 48 Tape. These are simple to apply and re-usable. Color won’t chip or fade and fits any size nail.

QUANTITY (Items In Lot): 96
Condition: Shelfpulls
Shipping Classification: Package(s)
Lots Available: Multiple lots Available
Ships From (State/Region):  Illinois
Ships Within: 3 Days
Shipping Service:
USPS First Class
USPS Priority
Fedex Ground
UPS Ground
DHL International
Freight (LTL/Truckload)
Return/Exchange/Cancellation Policy: No returns unless item is defective or is not as advertised
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