Mix Lot of European Branded Women Clothing

This is a lot consisting of 170 pieces of women clothing (New with original tags) in 7 categories (Skirts,Jumpsuits,Tops,Jeans,Pants,Evening-wear,Dresses ) from 8 european brands (PDK (Italy), Parisian (UK), GARANTIE FASHION, POETA FASHION,Ake Italy, GODDIVA (London), Missi Clothing (UK), Coelia Clothing).The clothes sizes range from XS - XXL. The retail value of the items is over 7000 euro. The lot is sold as it is.

Total Pieces Buyer Will Receive: 170
Condition: New
Lots Available: 1 Lot Available (Unique Lot)
Shipping Classification: Package(s)
Location: International - Outside the US
Ships Within: 3 Days
Return/Exchange Policy: No returns accepted, sold as it is.
Tags (search terms): Clothes , women , new , tag