600 Fashion Rings in Display Boxes (Only .16 each)

50 dozen (600 pieces) new assorted adjustable fashion rings in display boxes.
Every dozen will be a different style.
We have over 100 different styles in stock so if you order 2 lots at the same time you will get 100 different styles.
We will pack these at random so there is no guarantee of any certain styles per lot.
There are all sorts of styles: animals, butterflies, Elephants, Eagles, Turtles, Frogs, Owls, Lots of rhinestones, etc... Huge selection.

To view all the great items we have available just click on the link below:

Điều kiện: Mới
Số lượng đơn vị trong lô này: 600
Chính sách Trả hàng / Đổi / Hủy: We accept returns for any items that are not as described.
Thẻ (cụm từ tìm kiếm): rings , fashion rings , jewelry
Gửi từ (Bang / Vùng):  New Jersey
Dịch vụ vận chuyển:
USPS First Class
USPS Priority
Fedex Ground
UPS Ground
DHL International
Freight (LTL/Truckload)