H&J Liquidators and Closeouts

Unlike most wholesale and liquidation companies, we sell products by the case. This not only makes buying from our company more budget-friendly, but our large inventory almost guarantees that we have what you’re looking for. Our minimum order size is just one case, saving you the headache of figuring out to do with shipments that you really don’t need. In addition to working with customers, we also resell to other close-out retailers, distributors, dollar stores, specialty stores, convenience stores, travel centers, flea markets, fundraising organizations, auction companies, Internet resellers, eBay stores, marketing and promotional companies. With so much wholesale experience, it is no surprise that individual customers can expect a professional experience when they order from us for all of their wholesale merchandise needs.

*********Sorry, we can only ship to the lower 48 states. We can ship to to other places if you would like us to get a freight rate for you.

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I received my order thanks

AMA A 关于发布的信息 1.5 L Transparent U-Shaped Glass Wine Decanter 8 天前.


Everything was fine thanks.

AMA A 关于发布的信息 1.5 L Transparent U-Shaped Glass Wine Decanter 15 天前.