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Item as described. Fast shipping. Good service.

Took a long time to receive merchandise. It was not what I was expecting. It was all dollar items from a dollar store. Your not getting a deal but paying full price for colors the stores couldn't sell and that you will never wear. 3 of the items in the surprise box were nail files sold 2 for a dollar and looked used. I will not be buying anything else in simplelots site.

Tonya B acerca del anuncio Cosmetics Surprise box 25 pcs 4 días atrás.

Well I haven't received my pellet I bought for 180.00$ but I did receive my make up I bought. Last week you guys said it was on its way.and. nothing yet but I received an email saying it will be here .i order my makeup after that order and I received it be for that bigger order .can you please let me know something thank you

Beatrice C acerca del anuncio Cosmetics Surprise box 25 pcs 5 días atrás.