(192) Women's Assorted Rhinestone Glass Metal Necklaces

192 Units Great Selection Ladies Mixed Lot Rhinestone Glass Metal Wholesale Necklace - Set
The Estimated Retail Price Is Up To $2,000

• Assorted Styles, Up To 35-40 Styles, Most of Them Are Long Length Necklace, Very Nice Assortment
• Styles: Draped Chain, Beaded, Layered, Multi-strand Etc.
• Approximate 25-40 Inch Length
• The Lady Necklaces Are Individually Packed and Ready For Retail
• Material: Metal, Rhinestone, Glass Beads, Imitation Pearl and More!
• Trendy Fashion Designs and Styles, Nickel-free

These Woman Necklaces Are Quality Fashion Jewelry
Upscale & Elegant, Charming & Suitable For Daily Use Or Perfect Gift For Any Purposes

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