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100 DOLLAR LOTS, LLC. Seller Agreement

This sales agreement ("Agreement"), effective as of ("Effective Date"), is entered into by 100 Dollar Lots, LLC.  Offices at 7000B Newington Road, Lorton VA 22079 and_________ ("Registered User/Client")

Selling Terms -

1. 100 Dollar Lots, LLC will advise Client on the appropriate terms of the sale, including, but not limited to, number of listings, lot size, and the lot price of the Lots.

1. Client has registered with 100 Dollar Lots, LLC on its online marketplace, and has accepted its terms and conditions (, which are incorporated herein by reference.

2. Client acknowledges and agrees that 100 Dollar Lots, LLC's marketplace will determine the final purchase price of the Lots.

3. Client will provide an accurate description, digital photo(s), and any other information necessary or requested by 100 Dollar Lots, LLC to facilitate the sale of lots.

4. Client will provide accurate shipping information regarding the Lots (Please note that 100 Dollar Lots, LLC makes this requirement to enable buyers to estimate accurately their shipping costs prior to purchasing.)

5. Client will place on pallets and band or shrink-wrap any Lots that are contained in 8 packages or more AND/OR greater than 400 pounds that can reasonably be expected to fit on a pallet or skid.  (Please note that 100 Dollar Lots, LLC makes this requirement to reduce the risk of damage and loss to Lots during shipment).

6. Client will make Lots available for delivery within two business days after the close of sale.


1. Client shall pay 100 Dollar Lots, LLC 10% of the final selling price of the Lots or $30.00 whichever is greater ("Transaction Fee").  Client authorizes 100 Dollar Lots, LLC to collect its Transaction Fee from any amount owed to Client.

2. Should Client be unable to make Lots available or misrepresents the condition or location of the Lots or provides any other false information regarding the Lots, Client agrees to pay 100 Dollar Lots, LLC its Transaction Fee plus any other additional costs incurred for the services provided pursuant to Agreement.

3. Should any additional shipping costs be incurred because of incorrect lot shipping information and/or preparation, Client agrees to pay for any these costs and authorizes 100 Dollar Lots LLC to deduct them from any amount that is owed the Client.

4. Client shall pay 100 Dollar Lots, LLC an account reestablishment fee if client rejects a pending sale and account is deactivated. A $100 fee will be imposed in order for client to return account to good standing and allowed selling privileges. 

5. Client shall pay a seller rejection fee for pending sales that are rejected by sellers with no communication to Sales can only be rejected if buyer requests a refund or the seller has giving support on why a transaction needs to be cancelled due to error. can offer a one time courtesy for an error in a listing in order to cancel, but only one time every month.