Robbie The Bunny Tabletop Chalkboard Sign With Standing Easel

Robbie the Rabbit is one of our most recent additions. He is made of CARB P2 MDF (the most eco-friendly MDF), Pine Wood, Beech Wood, environmentally friendly ink, non-toxic writing film and natural cotton thread. By using a memo board you are saving paper and thus saving the forests. Robbie is eye-catching, colorful, amusing and in the right situation, thought-provoking.

GRAB THEIR ATTENTION with Robbie the Rabbit, this outstanding and unique, cleaner more sustainable alternative to a chalkboard sign. Whether at home or in your place of work, Robbie the Rabbit will have everyone stopping to read what YOU want to tell them! They’ll never miss a message from you again. Use with dry erase markers or liquid chalk markers (do not use chalk).
USE ROBBIE ANYWHERE: He’s the perfect size at 7.7 x 12 inches to use: In your home: kitchen, entrance, kids rooms. At your place of business: Restaurants, kids clothing stores, toy stores. In school. In the office. Hang with the easy string hook or stand with the stick that turns it into an easel. Remember, he’s not meant for use with chalk, permanent markers, felt pens or highlighters!
KIDS WILL LOVE Robbie. This is a unique way of teaching the kids to keep notes and reminders for themselves and actually remembering to look at them. Hang on the wall or stand on a desk in the bedroom and keep them organized and happy. They’ll never forget their lunch box again!
EASY TO CLEAN and will not ghost or leave marks. Simply use a damp cloth or a regular whiteboard eraser and gently rub the writing off. Dry and you’re ready to start again, writing reminders, notes, shopping lists, sales or specials for your business, jokes, love notes – you name it! It’s all up to you!

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