1by1 is a professional cell phone accessories wholesale supplier located in New York City.We offer fashionable, innovative, and quality wholesale cellphone accessories. Based on our manufacturers and on-field experience, we assure to provide our customers with the high-quality products at the most affordable rates. Our staff does a strict quality control before the products can leave the port to be delivered. At 1by1, we are passionate about the wireless electronic accessories we are selling. We are working hard to bring the most innovative products and best services to our customers. You will get a wide range of wireless electronic accessories at 1by1.

Our mission

At 1by1, our mission is to provide outstanding service, quality products, and competitive pricing on wireless electronic accessories wholesale industry. We are here to provide you with honest answers for your store and you company. 1by1 is your one-stop shop where you can find all the products you have wanted.


1by1 envisions itself as the one box wireless electronic accessories solution. Considering our vision, we are providing several professional and high-quality solutions for all our customers to meet their growing needs. Whether you are a retailer, cell phone shop owner or a regular customer, we will meet your demands perfectly.

Why 1by1

Here are some of the services you will get from us.

1.Quality assurance: We are working hard to assure that we will provide our customers with the quality products. That is why all products have to go through the complete testing process. The manufacturers from whom we buy the accessories from. We do not work with anyone who we do not trust. All the products available at 1by1 are precision manufactured and new to meet the quality standards that we have set for our customers.
2.Your Needs are our Priority: The demands of our clients drive us forward. We assure to pay attention to all requirements and the latest improvements in the technology. Using the latest knowledge and information we upgrade our products and services to improve customer service.
3.Reliable localized services: We are providing the services in a different area of country. 1by1 services are available for everyone. We are providing customized services to local customers.

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