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We offer the best quality,service and prices. Our constant new arrival of regular, closeout and over runs offers our customers the best in the industry. One of the biggest closeout and importers of Products, great quality items at inexpensive wholesale cost for the retailers. jewelry watches, fidget & plush toys, keychain and home,Socks, gloves, apparel, underwear, t-shirts,
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Yikes! Only buy if you like serious crap. I am struggling to find one piece to resell and nothing is worth more than 10$, so the 399$ Retail or whatever the post said, is BS. I bought 2 so the “retail” value was around 800$, joke, total might be 50-100$ max and that’s if you are a pro reseller, which I am not. I showed a friend who resells online and he laughed and called me a rookie.

Only positive is I got the lot. My fault for buying it. I can’t give a positive, as the stuff in the lot is just crap and the seller is not telling the truth about 400$ retail.

Jonathan M about listing $399 Value Mystery Box Lot of 20 13 days ago.

Careful what you order from this place! Nothing is labeled correctly with this company! You’ll get nothing but low quality jewelry and also duplicate items in your box too! Very disappointed and will never order from this company again!!!

Uhl87 about listing $399 Value Mystery Box Lot of 20 17 days ago.