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This vendor was prompt and very professional! Thanks a million!!

Everything went very well thank you much

I got the rings today! Thank you! I am a little disappointed that 52% of them are Spanish versions of The Lords Prayer engraved on the rings. Those will be a VERY hard sell in my area! I'm opening a brick and mortar store and featuring jewelry. I had hoped to have a nice selection of men's bands available. I'm concerned that my price is now going to have to double to cover the lost sales of the above mentioned rings. I didn't see in the description that there would be Spanish language on them... and, while a few would have been perfectly acceptable, the high percentage of them being that design is going to be difficult to sell. The other rings that have Jesus on them shouldn't be a problem to sell, and there are plenty of those as well. It's mainly the Spanish ones that I have a concern with moving in my location. I appreciate the service that you have provided. Everything was smooth and fast! Thank you so much for such a fast turn-around.