We specialize in buying and selling assorted fashion in large quantities. We than offer our customers the lowest price for overstock and trendy costume jewelry. We have been in business since 1986 and continue to provide quality merchandise at affordable prices. We offer our valued customers unique lots with great value.

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Shipped out promptly,Great selection,Nice looking products .Great deal.Thanks

Carrie H about listing Wholesale mixed jewelry blowout sale-3 3 months ago.

I am in love! Amazing styles this lot. Thanks always.

Lucki Deals about listing 600 Brand New Pairs Of Earrings 4 months ago.
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Don't do business with these people. They once they get a complaint they Mark the transaction is completed I have tried for a week to get a hold of them to no avail and then today the market is completed there's one in beads tied to strings in this thing it pieces of jewelry that I can't tell what they are nor could my friends or anyone else that has anything to do with jewelry it's crazy there's things that are half put together in the other part isn't even around it's a big waste of money and then you can't complain because they just Mark the transaction is completed you know don't waste your time don't waste your money and then don't try to get ahold of him if he do