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Argennys R about listing Mystery lot Sample pack 2 months ago.

i messaged the seller with no response back. i didn’t receive what i order i paid almost 50$ for broken glass when all i ordered

we’re metal rolling trays. i got one tray a grinder an ashtray three glass busted broken i assume glass two packs of rolling papers. i only wanted the metal rolling trays had i known there was going to be glass items i would have never ordered them as i believe this is the same person i read sent them broken items. the items were so poorly packed there is no way they could have even thought for a moment that they would make the journey to my house safely. they were thrown in a box a thin the thinest white styrofoam wrap was placed on top of the items they was not a single strip of tape

used inside the package on anything. i sent a detailed message to the lady even giving her room to blame

the postal system had she even read her email from

me she didn’t have a problem marking the order complete tho just a problem responding to me.

Tosha about listing Hemp boxes 5 months ago.

Great Box Ty